As a professional water pump manufacturer, we can supply perfect service for our customers.

Before the order is made, we can provide samples, and the charge is different. For the new product, we will decide whether to ask for sample charge and freight on the base of order condition. For the test sample, it is provided without any charge. When it comes to other samples, we will consider the trial order to determine whether charge is required. In addition, technical parameters, product pictures, reference books and other relevant data are offered.

After the order is made, the production time should be taken into account. For a brand new product, it takes 6 months from design to small scale production. If the blueprint, requirement and technical parameter are clear, the development cycle is just 3 months. On the other hand, the delivery period is variable according to specific condition. The normal production cycle is 1 month, and it is 1.5 months during busy season. Meanwhile, the production cycle for new product is also 1.5 months. Trial sale service is provided which means that for any new product, there will be a 6-month trial sale process in domestic and some international markets before batch production.

Our product has a warranty period of 1 year, and under the condition that the problem is caused by the product quality, we will repair and replace damaged parts without any charge. If necessary, we will visit our customer and deal with the problem.

Based on the specific requirement of customer, we can supply technical support including design, die sinking, etc. If necessary, our staff will install the machine at the customer's place, and instruct the user how to use and maintain our product. In addition, OEM is available.